Mind-Body Intervention

Mind–body interventions use an evidence-based approach to study the relationship between the brain, the mind, the body and human behaviour and its direct impact on health outcomes. Being less costly, scalable (e.g. used as group interventions), well tolerated and having less adverse effects than prescribed medication, these approach is recently identified as an important treatment alternative to be implemented in the health care system.

Recent research suggest that their efficacy in treating mood, anxiety and cognitive disorders on the rise. As designed to facilitate the mind’s capacity to benefit bodily functioning and symptoms across a broad variety of patient populations, our research team currently examines the effects of mind-body interventions primarily in older adult populations suffering from mental illness.

The Geri-PARTy team has two major scopes of mind-body intervention research:

  1. Neuroscience of mind-body interventions in late-life mood and anxiety disorders: examining inflammation, oxidative stress and endothelial functioning using neuroimaging and serum biomarkers (Dr. Gabriela Torres-Platas PhD Neuroscience, Sophia Escobar MSc Student)
  2. Implementing mind-body interventions in late-life mental illness: understanding the process of program effectiveness-consider what makes the program work, with whom they work, and under what circumstance (Angela Potes – PhD student)

Current Projects

1) “Can Brief Mindfulness-Oriented Interventions Improve psychiatric symptoms and Shorten Psychiatric Hospitalizations? A Randomized Controlled Trial” More

2) “Group Mindfulness Meditation Based Cognitive Therapy Intervention for the Treatment of Late-Life Depression and Anxiety Symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Trial” More

3) “Meditation Intervention for the Treatment of Depression Symptoms and Cognitive Inhibition in Depressed Patients at Risk for Suicide: A Randomized Controlled Trial” More

Past Projects

1) “Brief Mindfulness Meditation for Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Patients Undergoing Dialysis: A Randomized Control Trial” More

2) “Tai Chi for caregivers of patients suffering mental illness” More

3) “Heart-based meditation: Quality Improvement: A HR wellness initiative for JGH employees” More

4) “Tai Chi for patients: JGH Outpatient Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program” More