Dr. Gabriela Torres-Platas

S. Gabriela Torres-Platas, Ph.D. Clinical Research Associate & Co- Director Geriatric Psychiatry Research Team (Geri-Party) Jewish General Hospital

Major Research Activities

Dr.  Torres-Platas has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Mcgill University in Montreal where her focus was to to elucidate the role of astrocytes and microglial cells in the etiology of depression and suicide. Her work represented the first cellular evidence suggesting neuroinflammatory processes in Anterior Cingulate white matter in depression and suicide and suggested a possible recruitment/infiltration of peripheral macrophages through the blood vessels in the brain.

Dr. Torres-Platas current work focuses on understanding the biological mechanisms of Mindfulness interventions and Mind-body medicine and how they  contribute improve psychiatric conditions. She holds certification to deliver mindfulness-based group interventions from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto) and she is interested in promoting and encourage the prevention of mental health disorders through mind-body interventions


Gabriela Torres- Platas’ Publications Indexed on PubMed: 


Selected Publications

  1. Susana G Torres-PlatasCorina Nagy, Marina Wakid, Gustavo Turecki, Naguib Mechawar (2015). Glial fibrillary acidic protein dysregulation across different brain regions in suicide completers. Molecular Psychiatry (IF. 14.5) June; 2 (10)38
  2. Susana G Torres-Platas, Christa Hercher, Maria Antonietta Davoli, Gilles Maussion, Benoit Labonté, Gustavo Turecki & Naguib Mechawar (2011). Astrocytic Hypertrophy in Anterior Cingulate White Matter of Depressed Suicides. Neuropsychopharmacology (IF. 6.4) Dec;36(13):2650 **
  3. Susana G Torres-Platas, Cristiana Cruceanu, Gary Chen, Gustavo Turecki, Naguib Mechawar (2014). Evidence for increased microglial priming and macrophage recruitment in the dorsal anterior cingulate white matter of depressed suicides. Brain, behavior, and immunity (IF. 5.8)
  4. Susana G Torres-Platas, Samuel Comeau, Adeline Rachalski, Gregory Bo, Cristiana Cruceanu, Bruno Giros, Gustavo Turecki & Naguib Mechawar (2014). Morphometric characterization of microglial phenotypes in human cerebral cortex. J Neuroinflammation (IF. 4.3)  Jan; 11(12)
  5. Cristiana Cruceanu, Powell Patrick, Cheng Tan, Sanja Rogic, Juan Pablo Lopez, Susana G Torres-Platas, Carolina O. Gigek, Martin Alda, Guy A. Rouleau, Paul Pavlidis, Gustavo Turecki (2015). Transcriptome sequencing of the anterior cingulate in bipolar disorder: dysregulation of G protein coupled receptors. American Journal of Psychiatry (IF. 12.2): Nov 1;172(11)
  6. Carey Huh, Bénédicte Amilhon, Katie Ferguson, Susana G Torres-Platas, Frédéric Manseau, John Peach, Stephanie Scodras, Naguib Mechawar, Frances Skinner, and Sylvain Williams (2014). Excitatory inputs determine phase-locking strength and spike-timing of parvalbumin and somatostatin interneurons during intrinsically generated hippocampal theta rhythm. Journal of Neuroscience (IF. 6.3): June 22; 36(25):6605-22.