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bio just in case 🙂
Klara Pokrzywko <>
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Wed 11/15, 7:13 PM
Michelle Yang

Hi Michelle,
No problem. I am know what busy is. I am presently over-saturated myself 😉 
Please find attached here below (just in case) my bio.
Thank you very much for doing this. Immensely appreciated it !
Klara Pokrzywko is a M.D. Candidate at the University of Montreal. Her research interests are medical education, geriatric psychiatry and mental health advocacy and leadership. In the Geri-PARTy lab, Klara studies the relationship between early clinical exposure to geriatric psychiatry and medical’s students’ interest in caring for older adults.
Klara Pokrzywko has completed a Master Degree in Arts Management and Cultural Policy with a focus on Leadership at City, University of London, UK and she has managed international foundations promoting culture and education.